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Belwah Media is an award-winning digital marketing agency. Belwah provides community outreach, community engagement, content development, and brand management support for community media centers, community radio, and independent media. We also develop and execute strategic campaigns that help our clients connect, engage, and inspire.

Belwah helps clients establish a strategic and sustainable approach to social PR; our unique and tailored strategies help clients raise community awareness, funding, and improve community involvement.

The Belwah Media Team:

Genia Stevens is Owner and Managing Partner of Belwah Media. She is a digital marketing consultant with 19 years experience. Genia is an official member of the Forbes Agency Council.  She has written for Forbes, Business.com, Business 2 Community, Social Media Today, Engadget, Elite Daily, Huffington Post and Inquisitr. She speaks regularly about digital marketing at conferences across the country.

Genia is a passionate advocate of community media and independent media. She produced, hosted, and marketed her own race, gender, and equality podcast for over 6 years. In addition, she has provided digital marketing workshops and training for her home-state community media centers and community papers for several years.

Contact Genia directly if you need a speaker for your next event.

Francine Lowery, Project Manager, has 11 years experience in project management.  Her creative spirit always comes in handy when no one can figure out where Genia left the stapler or her phone.  Francine is a huge fan of How to Get Away with Murder.

Ronald Scott, Project Manager, has 7 years experience in project management and digital marketing. He often brags that he’s obsessed with Bates Motel, Psych and Castle.

Andy Ryan Stevens, Head Graphic Designer, is a tech geek who loves building PC and mobile game apps. He spends hours sitting at the public library.

The rest of the Belwah Media team consists of 15 independent contractors who provide various support services on an as-needed basis.

Community Media Consultation

Contact us to learn how we can add value to your team!

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