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If you have an idea for content that will provide tips for community media, community radio, and independent media that will help them use digital marketing, we want to hear about it. We’d love to have you provide our readers with fresh ideas to help them with social media, influencer marketing, web design, technology, community engagement, community outreach, mobile apps, and mobile marketing.

Because we want to publish only the best content for our readers, we do not provide you with a contributor account. We accept content on an individual basis only.

What we publish

We publish articles between 600–1000 words, depending on the subject matter. You must include at least 1 relevant royalty free image. Articles can be casual in tone and content and should include at least 2 links to expert sources. Wikipedia links are not accepted.

Content MUST be related to community media, community radio, and independent media.

We do republish content, as long you have permission to do so. You must include a notice that the content was previously published and link to the original publication source. Authors must follow all applicable copyright laws.

Please do not submit general inquiries. When you contact us, please send the following with your inquiry: suggested title, summary, and takeaways.

Contact us to suggest great content ideas.

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