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Video Marketing Tips for Community Media Professionals

If you work in community media, you probably already “do video.” But, doing video isn’t the same as video marketing.

I spent some time participating in a recent Twitter chat related to video marketing. Here are the top 7 tweets I believe would be useful for community media professionals.  I’ve read (or watched) all the content I’m recommending.

#1. These tips are great for community radio people who want to start learning more about using video and developing a video marketing strategy.

#2. Community media folks can finally add text to your videos, quickly and easily.

#3. Community media and community radio professionals shouldn’t ignore LinkedIn. This article will help you do video marketing on LInkedIn.

#4. Set your Instagram video marketing fears aside. Just read this article and breathe easy.

#5. Although community media professionals who work in television have access to great video equipment, sometimes you might want to use a smartphone to create video. These tips will help you create professional-looking videos using a phone.

#6. Facebook is still important, and you might need to pay-to-play.

#7. Ever thought about creating a live video talk show using Blab?



Genia Stevens is a digital marketer and Forbes columnist.  She is owner and managing partner of Belwah Media, an award-winning integrated digital marketing agency with offices in Madison, WI and Chicago, IL. Genia Stevens is passionate about community media, tech tools, podcasting, and everything digital. Connect with Genia on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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