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4 Tips That Will Help Nonprofits Use Emotional Branding

Smart marketers are all about eliciting a positive emotional response from customers, putting their attention on the emotional branding aspect of a product or service. They are no longer just focused on promoting and selling. Marketers are intent on “informing” prospective buyers how much better their lives can be if they buy a product/service.

4 Tips That Will Help Nonprofits Use Emotional Branding


This is why nonprofit marketers who use emotional branding effectively can clearly convey to community members, volunteers and donors how their organization can affect change. Are you a nonprofit marketer who wants to up your agency’s game using emotional branding? If so, then consider the four tips listed below to help you reach your community’s hearts and emotions.

Use the Storytelling Method

A surefire way to capture a person’s attention and get to their emotions is to use the method of storytelling. How many times have you read or watched a movie that got your attention? The same principle applies to products and services. Using the art of storytelling in marketing pieces to create an emotional connection with individuals, as something in the story sticks in their mind and pulls at their heartstrings. Your story doesn’t need to be real, but it should be enthralling to ensure your target audience’s attention is kept.

Create A Personal Relationship

When you’re interacting with your community, you want to create a sense of friendship. Do not let them think you’re only interested in them for what they can do for you (give you money). By creating an air of friendship, you are more likely to raise funds, increase volunteers and secure additional board members. How can you establish a connection with them that sparks the bond of friendship?

When talking with them, don’t focus on money or data. Instead, focus on things affecting them in their life. Talk to them like a friend would; not just someone who wants their money, skills and time.

End Campaigns On Powerful Note

Regardless of what emotion you’re trying to elicit, you can keep a person’s attention on the campaign by ending on a powerful note. The last section of a campaign needs to stay on their mind until they’re ready to donate money. When ending your message, use thought-provoking, emotional words that will ensure your target audience remembers who you are, what you do and what you have to offer them.

Concentrate On Viral-Producing Content

Look at the content you’ve produced. Does it elicit an emotional response? What do you take away from it? What is working and what isn’t working? If you notice something’s off, you may need to determine what’s not working for your campaign. It could be the message, the content or even the delivery? Re-use content that’s proven successful in your social circles.

Marketers, when they use emotional branding effectively, can influence prospective donor’s reactions and moods. You can call it emotional manipulation if you want, but it helps to forge a bond between donors, volunteers and your agency.


About the Author:

Anand Reyes is a marketer who spends his spare time deeply engaged in virtual reality.

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