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55 Social Media Reminders for Worn Out Nonprofit Professionals

If you’re like a lot of nonprofit professionals who don’t “do” marketing (but the job landed on your desk anyway), you have a ton of things to remember and you probably feel overwhelmed most days.

55 Social Media Reminders for Worn Out Nonprofit Professionals

I’ve updated an article that I originally published on Business 2 Community.  Hopefully, these tips provide reminders that will help nonprofit professionals implement a strong social media campaign.

While these tips are provided for non-marketers and newbies, they can also help experienced marketers who always appreciate great reminders.


  1. Refer to your Facebook marketing strategy often. If you don’t have one, create one!
  2. Create a Facebook content schedule. This schedule includes the content you plan to post and the day and time you plan to post it
  3. Before posting any content, ask yourself: ‘Will my community find this interesting or informative?’
  4. Determine the social media personalities most prevalent in your Facebook community, then develop content with them in mind.
  5. Create a branded cover image for your brand’s Facebook page and change it often to add some spice to your page.
  6. Check your Facebook Audience Insights. Check your Page Insights weekly. If you have a more robust social media tracking and analytics tool, refer to that tool regularly.
  7. Create a Facebook list that includes links to your most influential community members’ profile pages. Develop an influencer strategy targeting these users.
  8. Use photos and videos as often possible in your posts. Community members respond best to this type of content.
  9. Develop a Facebook video and Facebook Live strategy.
  10. Promote posts you don’t want your community to miss.
55 Social Media Reminders for Worn Out Nonprofit Professionals


  1. Use a professional photo as your LinkedIn profile picture.
  2. Include industry-related keywords in your profile summary and in your job descriptions.
  3. Publish content on LinkedIn Pulse – purposeful, informative and useful content.
  4. Customize your public LinkedIn URL; use your name in that URL
  5. Add a list of skills to your profile summary – keep SEO in mind and use as many industry-related keywords as possible.
  6. Develop your company page on LinkedIn, then encourage your connections and employees to follow your page.
  7. Utilize the video feature on your company page. This feature is available only on company pages.


  1. Find and follow industry experts and thought-leaders, then engage with them often.
  2. Import your contacts to Twitter regularly, especially if you collect email addresses for a newsletter.
  3. Use Twitter’s search feature to find people who are talking about your brand and follow them.
  4. Reply to Twitter users who tweet about your brand. Engage them in conversation.
  5. Search for industry-related keywords and hashtags, then follow Twitter users who are using them often.
  6. Create lists of your followers. These lists allow you to segment your Twitter followers into various topics.
  7. Always use a URL shortener when you post links, especially one that allows you to track the engagement with that link.
  8. Do not send automatic direct responses to your followers. They’re evil.
  9. For every 1 self-promotion tweet, try to remember to share/re-tweet one related & informative tweet that is not your own.
  10. Regularly engage influential Twitter users by mentioning them in your tweet.
  11. Participate in industry-related Twitter chats. These are public conversations based around a specific topic.
55 Social Media Reminders for Worn Out Nonprofit Professionals


  1. Download your Snapcode and add it to your website.
  2. Add your Snapcode to your blog posts, email signature, and author profiles if you do guest posting.
  3. Join Snapchat communities on Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn.
  4. Partner with related Snapchat accounts to promote each other with regular shout-outs.
  5. Use a custom Geofilter in busy areas where people will Snapchat with each other a lot.
  6. Add your Snapcode to business cards and other print marketing materials.


  1. Plan ahead; develop a content calendar.
  2. Since you can’t include links in your updates, it’s important to include a clear call-to-action – be very clear with your ask.
  3. Use videos more often than pictures.
  4. Partner with Instagram power users.
  5. Use an Instagram business profile so you can take advantage of Instagram’s analytics tools called Insights.
  6. Take advantage of Instagram sponsored posts; this is where you can add a link to a website in addition to using both images and videos.
  7. Post your Instagram content on other social networks and your website.
  8. Consider re-purposing your Instagram content as blog content.
55 Social Media Reminders for Worn Out Nonprofit Professionals


  1. Refer to your blogging strategy regularly. If you don’t have one, create one!
  2. Remember to use industry-related keywords as you develop your blog content.
  3. Place important industry keywords at the beginning of your blog title.
  4. Make your blog easy to comprehend by including bulleted lists.
  5. Remember your inbound linking strategy.
  6. Include a call-to-action at the end of your blog post.
  7. Place a link to your blog on other pages on your website.
  8. Add social sharing buttons to the end of your blog posts.
  9. Develop a blog commenting policy and make sure your community follows the rules.
  10. Respond to blog comments within 24 hours.
  11. Assign someone to monitor your blog for SPAM and abusive comments. This can get a bit out of hand.
  12. Use high quality images in your blog posts. Try Canva, Snappa, or Pixabay for royalty free images.
  13. Optimize your blog images by completing the metadata: title, alt text, and description.


Article was first published on LinkedIn.




Genia Stevens is a digital marketer and Forbes columnist.  She is owner and managing partner of Belwah Media, an award-winning integrated digital marketing agency with offices in Madison, WI and Chicago, IL. Genia Stevens is passionate about community media, tech tools, podcasting, and everything digital. Connect with Genia on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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