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6 Ways Nonprofit Pros Can Self-Promote Via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great social media tool for people to promote themselves and build social capital.  How can you take advantage of LinkedIn so you can build the social capital you need to advance your nonprofit’s cause?

Complete Your Profile Using Appropriate Keywords

When it comes to your profile, you should mention something exceptional about yourself and your agency. What would make a donor, potential volunteer or board member want to become involved with your organization?

Ways Nonprofit Pros Can Self Promote on LinkedIn

What are your strengths and your agency’s biggest successes? Your profile needs to use keywords that highlight these successes because they will boost your ranking in the site’s search engine.

Create An Eye-Appealing Job Title Headline

It’s not uncommon for LinkedIn users to look for others with the site’s search engine. Come up with a catchy job title headline that highlights you, what’s unique about you and what kind of skills you have. The idea is to increase the chances a person will click on the profile and look at it.

Add Video To A Profile With The SlideShare App

According to an array of studies, people tend to remember more information when it’s shown to them visually. Therefore, you might consider adding video to your LinkedIn page via the SlideShare app.  Also, you can upload video directly to LinkedIn ad well.

Stay Active and Engaging

While this post talks about self-promotion, you can engage with various LinkedIn groups and find people or content that genuinely interests you. Be sure to get involved with groups where you can participate often and allows you to offer useful information. Engaging in this way will boost your profile ranking, which means you’ll appear in more LinkedIn search results.

Get and Give Recommendations

A great way to better your LinkedIn reputation is to get recommendations from colleagues, volunteers you’ve worked with, and agency partners. It will also help in boosting your profile ranking. If you feel a person should be recommended for something, provide the recommendation. A LinkedIn recommendation showcases your professionalism.


About the Author:

Anand Reyes is a marketer who spends his spare time deeply engaged in virtual reality.

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