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Integrated Marketing for Nonprofits: How to Get Started

Integrated marketing is one of the most important – and effective – ways for marketers to reach their target audience. A successful integrated marketing strategy uses a consistent identity throughout multiple marketing channels to support a brand’s marketing and sales function. Developing an effective integrated marketing strategy is a time-consuming process. The following marketing tips can help marketers develop an effective integrated marketing campaign that has a dramatic impact on how brands reach their target market.

Focus on your community. Your community has to be first. Know who you’re serving is, what your client wants, and know a lot about your client’s needs and habits in order to utilize the right marketing mix.

Be persistent. Stop changing directions. Successful organizations maintain a marketing campaign for an extended period of time. The average marketing campaign lasts 2.3 years as it may take time for a particular campaign to catch on.

Weave marketing into training programs.  Marketing aspects should be weaved into all of your organization’s training programs.  This approach creates a seamless transition from one department to another.  This training process will also ensure that everyone knows how to handle a client who has a question from any one of your brand’s marketing channels.

Provide excellent service where your client needs it (basically, at all times). Giving your clients great customer service is a given.  Here, I’m emphasizing the importance of knowing exactly what service your clients need.  Do certain clients prefer accessing your website using a mobile app?  Do some prefer asking questions on your  Facebook page?   Talk to your clients and find out exactly what they need from your organization.

Take advantage of social media. Social media is a marketing channel that can coincide with an array of other channels.  Social media can also help your brand utilize other marketing channels – like email marketing, video marketing and SEO.

It’s not just about the multi-channels. Many marketers are quick to define integrated marketing as multichannel marketing. While integrated marketing involves using multiple channels to communicate a brand’s message, integrated marketing is more about putting your community first. Once your client is the star of your integrated marketing strategy, your brand can gain more traction in the community.

The integrated marketing tips provided can help digital marketers develop an effective integrated marketing strategy. Don’t forget to start by identifying your brand’s clients and doing the research necessary to learn more about your their needs.  Maintaining a consistent voice helps ensure that your organization is properly represented.

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