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Storytelling – Telling the Social Justice and Advocacy Story (Part 3)

Storytelling - Telling the Social Justice and Advocacy Story (Part 3)

Digital marketer and nonprofit consultant Genia Stevens provides tips for nonprofits that want to learn more about using storytelling to tell the social justice and advocacy story. In part 3 of this three-part series, Genia discusses how to encourage consistent giving and how to develop authentic stories that build true emotional connections between people.

This podcast is repurposed from a presentation presented at Community Shares of Wisconsin.

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Expert interviews, industry news, and digital marketing tips for community media, community radio and nonprofits. Who should listen? Community media professionals, folks curious about community media, and organizations interested in partnering with community media. Hosted by Genia Stevens, digital marketer, Forbes columnist, and 12-year veteran podcaster. Suggest a guest or show topic:

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